Flower is a favorite name of everyone.

Flower is a favorite name of everyone

lower is a favorite name of everyone, young – old, boys – girls, men – women, young- old. Many people keep the flowers given by their loved ones in the folds of the book for a long time. The petals of the flowers dry up but there is love for the loved ones like fresh live flowers.

The flowers are dried and the petals are separated, but the love is inseparable. The dried petals, imprinted with pride, are hard in the courtyard of memory. At that time, the reality is interrupted for a temporary period.

Design with flower petals and leaves

A heart-like design was made with the petals and leaves of different flowers. The design is suitable for painting clothes. The design can be used by children, men and women. In addition to clothing, this design is suitable for printing on walls, pillow covers & even bags.


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