Be kind to nature and nature will be kind to you! Pink , Green Combo Design.

In the touch of civilization, people have started wearing clothes. Different types of clothing are comfortable according to the culture of the country. However, T-shirt is a comfortable garment for people of all countries of all genders and ages. T-shirts have become a big industry in the world market. In every country, small and big factories have sprung up around the T-shirt business center. Some people print DTM on a small machine in a small room. The garment industry in different countries has chosen as the main and second income sector. China, Bangladesh, Vietnam, India and Pakistan are among them. Developed countries in developing countries have built large institutions with their funding.

The price of T-shirts without prints has gone up a lot. Variety design, slogan printing is the choice of many. Pictures of old-fashioned places, designs made with knives in different shades are the choice of middle-aged pulse men. Not only design but also design with clothes with social awareness and warning slogans is preferred by many.

As social beings we live in this world. Our life journey has been made easier and easier with the help of people of every profession in every class. Not only humans but all kinds of plants and animals around us provide us with the means to survive. The thought that there will be only people who do not need trees and plants is a sign of conscience. Our survival is inextricably linked with every part of nature. Lower-class people complement each other.

We call for kindness to every creature in nature.

Will you accept me as your friend Lt Green & Lt Violet Combo Glitter Design

People’s tastes have changed with the change of civilization. Changes in taste are constantly changing. Even in the last few decades, designs with simple writing have been used to decorate clothes. Along with fashionable garments, the quality of garments has increased manifold through printing designs. As much as the customer’s eye is on the design of expensive copper, the fashion of the difference in the printing design of the garment is greatly increased.

N.H Sorkar Design to accompany the change of taste. To provide new designs to the customer.
I published a look for the kids and I hope everyone will like it.

Will you accept me as your friend Lt Green & Lt Violet Combo Glitter Design # N.H Sorkar Design # Design Making Site

Flower is a favorite name of everyone # Design with flower petals and leaves.

Flower is a favorite name of everyone

Flower is a favorite name of everyone, young – old, boys – girls, men – women, young- old. Many people keep the flowers given by their loved ones in the folds of the book for a long time. The petals of the flowers dry up but there is love for the loved ones like fresh live flowers.

The flowers are dried and the petals are separated, but the love is inseparable. The dried petals, imprinted with pride, are hard in the courtyard of memory. At that time, the reality is interrupted for a temporary period.

Design with flower petals and leaves

A heart-like design was made with the petals and leaves of different flowers. The design is suitable for painting clothes. The design can be used by children, men and women. In addition to clothing, this design is suitable for printing on walls, pillow covers & even bags.